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15:47 is the magic number that's getting all kinds of airtime here at Chateau~du~Berf. Sara finally made her required qualifying time for a two mile run in under sixteen minutes!

She's been strutting around all weekend like she just won the lottery, and we have no problem with that! She's worked her little butt off these last 40 weeks trying to speed up her run time!

She's got some great coaches too, that probably are the ones who should be proudest of all! They worked with her quite a bit, never giving up hope!


Defining Berford

One of the great things about the Internet and Blogger is the ability to see people tracks. You know, where people are coming from and where people are going (even though the user may not fully realize it). The Site Meter at the bottom gives me statistics on site visits. Most website administrators use them but don't tell you (see how freakin' honest I am?)

I'm saying this because I have the ability to see what search engines people use to find this blog, and the search terms that they used. I think the number one search term to find this site, even if it's not exactly what the searchee was looking for is "Day Old Bread". Who knew that so many people wanted to learn about Day Old Bread? I've gotten hits as far away as the United Arab Emirates and Japan!

To those that find me through a similar search. You will not find recipes for day old bread here. You will however find MY day old bread (or dirty laundry to use another analogy). I use this term simply because I am a baker by trade, and to me day old bread is the leftovers that just sit around. Nothing more, nothing less.

So, if you're looking for a recipe for Day Old Bread you won't find it here. You might find it here or even here but NOT here!

Glad to help, no thanks needed!


Before and after

Bloo the Wonder-Dog had a day out today, getting the Super-Hero treatment that every Super-Hero deserves. Along with a shampoo, haircut, nail-trimming, tooth brushing, ear cleaning and free bandanna, she got her Wonder-Dog cape dry cleaned!

We went to Paw-Fection Grroming Salon in Mattydale and only spent $40 (with a $5 off coupon from Craiglist)

Below are before and after pictures of our caped crusader...


Sign sign everywhere a sign

Which way do I go, George? Which way do I go?

I first noticed these signs which appear to say you can't get there from here a few years back. I've always said "I gotta take a picture of that and see if anyone else thinks it's as goofy as I do". So I did.

The big question is, do you know where it was taken? I'll give you a hint. It's in my town.


Treading Water

Are you better off today than you were eight years ago? By a twist of fate I can say that I am, and I thank God every day for it.

By virtue of my position as a Labor leader, I don't think this success is courtesy of the Bush Administration. Most (95%) of the people I've asked in the past few days say they were better off financially in the mid-to-late 90's and their quality of life has deteriorated steadily in the past eight years. Blame (or credit) the war, the yen, Bush or your mother-in-law if you like but this country is being held captive by Big Oil and Big Business. Tax breaks for the rich, shuttered factories for the working poor.

I miss the middle class, and I want it back! I don't enjoy being a member of the working poor party and it breaks my heart to see others do the same. It's getting to the point where there will be two economic groups- the rich and working poor.

I'm doing my part by fighting the corporate machine, and by getting more involved in politics. What are you doing?

Please, take a moment to answer the poll on the right side of this blog and help me to help you gauge Americas opinion of itself.


Redco ribbons

Show your support for the striking members of BCTGM Local 50 at Redco in Little Falls NY by wearing a ribbon on your right shoelace!

Bakeries and food manufacturing plants across the region are seeing red over this Redco labor crisis! Out on the street since Novemeber of 2007, thses strong minded members are supported fully by Local 116